we are Geesons International

Backed by a 50 year old heritage and supported by third generation leadership, today, we have provided the industry with 70,000 ground-breaking machines.

Geesons International is a braiding machine manufacturing company. We provide our customers with revolutionary machineries that help them accelerate their business potential and secure a spot in the international business scene.
We've been around for 50 years now and we continue to build ourselves with an impeccable combination of skill, quality and perfection. We pave our way forward with an untainted zeal of outperforming ourselves year after year.
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We at Geesons International create a varied range of braiding machines that not only revolutionise business processes for our customers but also plummet them to speed up their tasks, thus helping them build their swelling profit margins!
Our products spell new automations with every new product and is created keeping in mind our customers' needs and requirements.
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Experience and skill speak for themselves. We thrive to achieve perfection and greatness through our futuristic products, day in day out.
We have five decades of brilliance personified in our a diverse range of products and after sale services. Geesons International has accumulated fifty years of trust!
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